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How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth.  by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart

The following is the core of a discussion on the above book. It was held at the Chicago UBF Daily Bread Writer’s Meeting on 5/12/12 . The book is very good in getting the proper perspective on the various aspects of the Bible.  It teaches us how we should approach the Bible as we study it and write about the Bible. This presentation includes audio of the presenters.  Kevin Jesmer provided a written text on his review of  chapters 9 & 10. There are also power point presentations of each section. Pastor Abraham Kim delivered a message on  Galatians 2:20 in which he encouraged any who writes about the Bible to meditate on the blood of Jesus and the Gospel for at least ten minutes before each session of writing.   This is a good opportunity to review an historical and very important book in Christian literature in just over two hours.

Galatians 2_20 daily bread writing Abraham Kim 5-12-12   An audio  message on how to prepare our hearts to study the Bible and write about the Bible.

How to read the Bible-chpts 1-4-Ron Ward 5-12-12   /Text/How to Read the Bible 1-4 ppt

How to read the Bible-chpts 5-8-Toni King 5-12-12 /text/ How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth – ch5-8 – 2012-05-12 power point

How to read Bible- chpts 9-10-Kevin Jesmer 5-12-12/Ch 9 – The Law/ Ch 10 -The ProphetsHow To Read the Bible – Chr 9-power point / How To Read the Bible – Chr 10-power point

How to read Bible-chpts 11-13-Yvonne Timlin-5-12-12  /text/ How to read the Bible-psalms ch 11  power point / How to read the Bible- ch 12 ppp / How to read the Bible-revelations ch 13  power point

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