Barbershop Singing

Barbershop Singing Songs; sung by the #Kishwaukeys# Barbershop Chorus

When serving Jesus in a house church setting there are three areas of need. One is music practice and the other is multi-generational fellowship and the other is friendship. In a small house church there may not be enough people to make a choir. And even if there were, there may not be enough people with musical talent to teach others. But God provides the means to grow in singing abilities. For the kids it is A Capella singing and choir in  school. For Kevin it is Barbershop singing. Augi and Mark also got exposure to harmony vocals in barbershop for several years. This chorus has been a gift from God to us. We are blessed with the leadership of the man of faith, and retired music teacher, #John Hanson#. There are men from all generations and there is commitment and friendship among the members. We spread the joy of music around the community. Any small house church should find some outlet, provided in the community, to grow themselves in the art of singing. They will be blessed. Their ministry will be blessed. They will make friendships through which they can reveal the love of Christ. Make sure you bring your kids when they are young…before they tell you, “No way”. This will influence their entire lives. There is a blend of secular and spiritual songs. I figure it takes more than one vegetable to make a delicious salad. (If you want to join contact Kevin at

Link to an article about our group 9-2013

Barbershop singing reports and photos

The Good Old Songs-Coney Island Baby 4-12 /  Wait till the sun shines Nelly 4-12 (and “Let Me Call You Sweet Heart”) / My Wild Irish Rose-Honey That I love so well 2012 /  Heart of my heart 4-12/  Youre as welcome 4-12   / Keep America Singing 4-12


nursing home concert 4-17-12

Kiwanis Club Singout 7-3-12 10 songs

Practice sessions

Practice session 4-24-12 Songs from 1880s to 1900s


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