Ever wonder what some Campus Crusade, NIU grads and Dekalb’ers do after graduation? Try the PNG interior as missionaries.

Ever wonder what some Campus Crusade, NIU grads and Dekalb’ers do after graduation? Try going to PNG interior as missionaries. 

eating by the gulf 1-2013

There are several people who studied at NIU, participated in Campus Crusade for Christ and lived in our very own DeKalb Illinois. Our Church prays for Ron and Jen. There is also Matt and Ashley and several others from the region. They prayed to serve Jesus after their graduation andthey are getting training to be missionaries through, “To Every Tribe” Ministries. They are living the dream, preaching the gospel and strengthening churches in Northern Mexico and the interior of PNG and even us back in DeKalb. We are so proud of them and happy to see the work of God in their life. Here are three videos of their time in PNG. I also posted a link to, “To Every Tribe” ministries.

The following are links to the videos.

Dancing in PNG                                                                  Genesis story telling                                                           Pastor training

Link to “To Every Tribe” ministry

Here are Ron’s words.

my world got smaller, world-view got bigger.  3/25/13

My eyes were opened even further to the need for laborers

“As I journeyed through the jungles of Papua New Guinea, all I could think of was Matthew 9:37 where Jesus tells His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

I had heard of how many unreached villages were in PNG, but when we passed by dozens of them and stayed in two of them it became a reality that was very heavy on my heart. These people are literally begging for missionaries to come live in their villages to teach them the word of God and how to have fellowship together. The few Christians there are grasping to the little teaching they have and struggling to find a way to meet together as a body of believers. The only Bible translation they have is in the trade language which has a very small vocabulary, and the only model of church they have is from the Catholic churches that have been syncretised with animism and left the gospel altogether.

Even though they were some of the hardest days of my life in the intense heat, little choices of food, and thousands of miles away from my wife, I experienced a joy so satisfying because of the gospel being brought to people who have never heard and the Son of God being glorified among the nations. It is truly a privilege. We were able to bring the gospel through music, prayer, story-telling, Bible studies, church services, and most of all, relationships. Seeing people so hungry for the good news was refreshing to my bones. I cannot thank all of you enough for praying for our team and I rejoice over how much prayer was answered when we were there. Take a few minutes to watch each of these videos from the three major locations we visited and be encouraged and challenged to pray for these people, and even think about what role you could play in reaching them with the good news of Jesus!”




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