Getting To Know The Community of Cat Lake Ontario

Getting To Know The Community of Cat Lake Ontario

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The photos were mostly from the Lutheran Church’s LAMP mission to Cat Lake on 2013. Thank you LAMP!

Cat Lake First Nation is an Ojibwa community approximately 180 kilometres northwest of Sioux Lookout. Wasaya Airways run daily on regular schedules. Winter/ice roads also connects from Pickle Lake, Ontario, via Northern Ontario Resource Trail during the winter months, which takes an average 4 to 5 hours of travel. As of November, 2007, their total registered population was 612 people, of which their on-reserve population was 497. Cat Lake is policed by the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, an Aboriginal based service.

The First Nation calls itself Bizhiw-zaaga’iganiwininiwag meaning “Men of Wild-cat Lake” or as Bizhiw-zaaga’iganiing Nitam Anishinaabeg meaning “The First Nation at Wild-catLake,” where wild-cat refers to the Canada lynx. Community of CatLake was originally established as a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post in 1788, and later belonged to the Osnaburgh Band of Ojibway. The CatLake reserve is within the boundaries of the territory described by the James Bay Treaty of 1905 — Treaty 9. The reserve was formally established on June 22, 1970.


The Electoral Council Leadership of the Cat Lake First Nation is under the Election process for 2009-11 term, Where a new Senior Executive Cat Lake First Nations Council whereby are now provided as of June 2011 are as follows; Chief – Matthew Keewaykapow – Deputy Chief – Dora Leadbeater – Head Councillor – Allen Sr Ombash Councillor – Harlen Wesley Councillor – Rueben Shakakeesic

The council is a member of the Windigo First Nations Council, a non-political regional chiefs’ council. In turn, the Windigo First Nations Council is a member of the larger Nishnawbe Aski Nation, a Tribal Political Organisation which represents many of the First Nations in northwestern Ontario.


 Articles about Cat Lake

The opening of the new School in Cat Lake 2013


Link to Pictures of Cat Lake

Pictures of Lutheran Bible School at Cat Lake    Flying to Cat Lake in the summer

Winter 2014 in Cat Lake   Summer in Cat Lake 2013-2014  Pictures of Cat Lake Spring 2017

Cat Lake baseball culture 2017 

Videos about Cat Lake

Video of kids singing in a class room        Flying to Cat Lake at 1600 mph (5 min)

Video of  LAMP vacation Bible School at Cat Lake 2011

Video about the Cat Lake Community

 Thriller video of with Cat Lake kids

1- color arial view demographics and map

1-Cat-Lake-Drummers-3 1-Cat-Lake-Drummers-1 1-Cat-Lake-Ceremony-2 1-Cat-Lake-Cake-Cutting-3 1-Cat-Lake-Cake-Cutting-2


Transportation in Cat Lake Cemetary & Rainbow (3) Cemetary New School (5) school gym kids at the bible school playground band office another street new homes new school construction some houses another street scene street scene the town skyline walking on a street swimming kids playing in a line kids playing kids in the pews radio station plane arrving at dock dockside inside the church the beach air plane at cat lake dogs and church walking in cat lake dogs docks at cat lake the lake view closer up to the church church in cat lake airport in cat lake approaching cat lake


cat lake arial-3 Lamo teaching a young person at cat lake 7-13 lamp landing at Cat lake 7-2013 lamp vbs at cat lake 7-2013

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