Lk 22b-23a questions-Jesus Bears Our Punishment and Declares God’s Victory

Jesus Bears Our Punishment and Declares God’s Victory – Questions

Luke 22:63-23:25                                     2012 NIU & DuPage Joint Easter Bible School Lecture 1

Key Verse: 23:69

1. Read 22:63-65. How was Jesus treated by the guards? How did he respond? How does this fulfill Isaiah 53:3-5? In what sense did he endure this treatment for us? (Think about the “wounded healer”)

2. Read verses 66-69. Who interrogated Jesus at daybreak? What do you know about these people? What question did they ask? How did Jesus respond? (67b-69) Why could he not engage in honest conversation with them? What did his answer mean? (69)

3. Read verses 70-71. What then did they all ask? How does this question reveal their understanding of Jesus’ words? How did he reveal his identity as Son of God? What then is their charge against him? (71, Mt 26:65)

4. Read 23:1-3. What charge did they bring against him to Pilate? (23:2) What did Pilate ask him and how did he answer? What does this mean? (Mt 2:2) What does this passage teach about Jesus’ identity?

5. Read 23:4-12. What did Pilate conclude about the charges? (Jn 18:36-37) How did they continue to insist that Jesus was a rebel against Rome? How did Pilate try to pass the buck? (23:5,6,7) How did Herod and the religious leaders treat Jesus? How did Jesus respond? Why did Pilate and Herod become friends? (8-12)

6. How did Pilate try to compromise? (13-16; 18-25). What did the crowd’s demand? Why did Pilate finally surrender Jesus to their will? How did Pilate and Jesus differ? What can we learn about Jesus who suffered shame and rejection for me and you?

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