Louis Laurent Duhaut dit Jasmin  and his first wife: Marie Genevieve Serat Coguillard

Louis Laurent Duhaut dit Jasmin  and his first wife: Marie Genevieve Serat Coguillard


Louis Laurent Duhaut dit Jasmin
Born: 1731 – FRANCE
Marr: 24 AUG 1761 –
Died: 7 APR 1802 – Stormont, Ontario, Canada
Father: Louis Laurent Duhault dit Jasmin
Mother: Antoinette Joachim
Other Spouses: Marie Madeleine Ducorps St. Medard

Marie Genevieve Serat Coguillard
Born: 30 JAN 1746 –
Died: –
Other Spouses:

  1. Louis Joseph Duhaut-Jasmin
    Born: 14 AUG 1773 – Quebec, Canada
    Died: –

  1. Genevieve Durand-Duhaut

Note NI5692From Pauline Deshaies:

Louis Laurent Duhaut-Jasmin was born abt. 1731-1736 in France, baptized at the Church of Ste. Radegonde in the Village of Poitiers. He was the son of Louis Laurent Duhaut-Jasmin and Antoinette Joachim. At the time of his first marriage in 1761 his mother was deceased. It is unknown if he had siblings as no research has been done in France. 1. Louis arrived in Quebec abt. 1758, calculated on the fact that they had to live in Canada for a period of three years prior to marriage. He married first, 24 Aug 1761 at Ste. Anne Bellevue, Que.,. Genevieve Serat-Coquillard, daughter of Pierre Serat-Coquillard and Therese Brossard. The only child found of this marriage, with proof, was Genevieve. For an unknown reason Genevieve at her marriage used the name of Durand-Duhaut. This is the only time I have seen this name listed with Duhaut. If there were other children, and there could have been some, have not found a record.

Sometime before 24 April 1769, the first wife died, and on that date at Notre-Dame, Montreal, Marie Madeleine Ducorps-St. Medard became the second wife. She was the daughter of Nicolas Ducorps-St. Medard and Marie Marguerite Bisaillon. Louis Laurent Duhaut dit Jasmin and Marie-Madeleine Ducorps dit St. Medard were married on April 24, 1769 in Montréal, Québec. At least 14 children were born of the second marriage and perhaps. there were more that I cannot prove were their children. Louis Laurent and Marie Madeleine lived in the Montreal area when three of their children were baptized at the Church of Notre-Dame. 1

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