Mission to Aboriginal Communities in NW Ontario Canada.

Mission to Aboriginal Communities in Ontario Canada.

Video of a folk song about the greatness of Canada    Video  containing names of tribes and individuals

The Kishwaukee Bible Church (near Chicago) is praying to be able to minister the gospel among the Cree, Ojibwa, Oji-Cree, Metis people in NW Ontario Canada. There is one young couple, a gym teacher and a nurse who are praying about working and living in Northern Ontario Canada. I have been blessed to serve as a sort of strategist for this mission since I grew up in Northern Manitoba. My searching for information has opened my eyes to the greatness of the First Nations People. I have been learning about the various issues and the needs of the communities, but more importantly the great potential that exists among the people. God has wonderful plans that he is working out even now!  I have also been learning about the history of the people and the history of Christian missions.  Our church is praying for the people of Ontario. This page is central place where I can gather links to videos and the transcripts of different interviews and articles, a well as various ways that interested parties may interface with the First Nations of Ontario Canada in a culturally sensitive way.

Traditional Ways

“Native Traditions” related articles 

Traditional Cree clothing at a museum at The Pas Manitoba   White Dog Sacrifice

Navajo laughing party for newborn babies   Museum of Man and Nature Winnipeg Manitoba  Native Legends  A comparison with a Cree legend and the Bible about the creation of mankind  

Things I saw in The Pas 2017    

First Nations art I saw on my travels 2017 (Manitoba and NW Ontario)

Traditional learning experience in school chopping ice (2009, 3 min)


traditional learning experience rabbit snaring (2min 2009)


Elders sing an honor song to Chief Theresa Spence 12/22/2012

Round dance in Sandy Lake Ontario (2/2012)    Jingle Dance (WPG Manitoba)  (10-12-13)

Jingle dance video 2 Wpg Manitoba 10-12-13   Contemporary Jigging 2012   Cup Song-youth of Berens River MB

A traditionalist’s way of achieving community healing 2012

Kingfisher Ladies jigging (2007) (1 min)

MP3 Gospel speaker talking about culture and relationships (See: Heron Claus Part 1)

References to First Nation Culture on the streets of  Montreal 2015

How traditionalism plays out in one NW Ont FN Community video 1, video 2 


Link to the “Native Foods” category

Pemmican-The Ultimate Survival Food 

Fast Food: Eating on the shore of a lake. 

Preparing a community feast 

For the love of moose meat

Fur Trade

Fur trade news 2014 N. Manitoba

Fur trade news 2015 N. Manitoba

Historical Figures

Thanadelthur, a Dene woman who brokered peace and helped the fur trade

Honoring the Dead

Honoring a dead loved one (A quote 2015)


Laughter in Cree Culture (a quote 12-2015)


Student artwork 2009  (3:21)

Caucasians making art about Native people at the MET in New York City 2017

Christian Topics 

Testimonial video from Frank and Marie Drown on the joys of being a missionary  The spent several decades in Ontario ministering to Native people.

Missionaries In the Region

Frank and Marie Drown   , Some of the great good done in the Amazon by Frank and Marie

Hardships of missionaries and pioneers in N. Manitoba 100 years ago.

Two things early missionaries to Manitoba should have avoided.


Video of an interview of a Catholic Priest who has served the Cree people for 45 years

One model of Christian outreach to Native youth in America

Interact Ministries video

 Videos from NAIITS and and Mr. Lablanc

 Testimonies of Christians from the region

Testimony of Gary Quequish   Testimonies from “Nations One For Christ” website

 Gospel songs 

Gospel songs in Cree

Some Aspects of Native Culture That May Have Hebrew, Old Testament, Roots

Judeo/Christian aspects to traditional Native culture

 Language Websites

Aboriginal Languages on Tribal Trails website

Ojibwe Bible Reading (Nations One For Christ)    The Jesus Film in Ojibway (Tribal Trails)

Cree language and writing: Tribal Trails TV Program

Language Acquisition training (Mission Training International) 

Video on restoring the Ojibway language 

Announcing a new Oji Cree phrase book with helpful 7 min recording link. 

Preaching The Gospel In A Native Language

Some gospel preaching in English with Ojibwe Interpreters 


Love of The Land

NeskantagaOntario: We love our land

Study of Communities

Getting to know the First Nation communities of NW Ontario

Geographical Isolation:

Winter road to Fort Hope Ontario  Winter road to Round Lake

Video on the Canadian Bush Pilots (17 min)

Driving to NW Ontario in February 2014 (pictures)

Sociological Topics.

Statistics Canada Info

Statistics Canada 2015 report

Race Relations 

Video of Government rep calling for better relations with First Nations 2-1-13

Racism in Winnipeg 1-22-15


A great need for prayer in Fort Hope    Metro Hope Rehab Center in MPLS

The legacy of the residential Schools

Picture video of the residential schools with words and drumming.  (4 min)

“We Were Children” video trailer from the National Film Board of Canada (1:45)

Housing Crisis:

State of emergency at one First Nation Community in Northern Ontario   (10 min  11/2011)

Interview with Kenny Blacksmith   His insights into alleviating the housing crisis and church aid to the Cree. (9 min)

Interview with Kenny and his wife on how they overcome their housing crisis (8 min)

Checking in on the crisis at one community.    (There is loss of hope and so many barriers to overcome)

Fixing moldy basements in the muskeg of NW Ontario  (pics of a sealed basement in Pikangikum)

Food Crisis

Northern Food Drive in BC 1-16-15. Check out the prices!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The testimony of a mother in the USA 2016


Handing out Christmas gifts to the homeless at -40 below in Thompson 2013

Salvation Army reaching out to the homeless in Thompson MB 7-2013

Out Of The Cold- Homeless shelter in Sioux Lookout 

A study about indigenous homelessness in Sioux Lookout  2009

A study of homelessness in Sioux Lookout 2005

Hidden homeless in Thompson 2016

Mental Health

Aboriginal Mental health (Ontario public television panel discussion 5/8/13)

Healing from grief is an area of human need that can’t be ignored 3-24-16

Stopping Violence Against Women 

Jingle Dance in Wpg MB 10-12-13  The Jingle dance was put on in order to stop violence against women.

 Photo essay to bring awareness of violence against women. (In Sioux Lookout)

Suicide Issues

A case study about suicide. Neskantaga Ontario declared a state of emergency in 2014.  See video list.

Aboriginal Mental health (Ontario public television panel discussion 5/8/13)

Checking in on the crisis at one community.    (There is loss of hope and so many barriers to overcome)

Hockey program in Sioux Lookout 2016 (11 min video)

Rash of Suicides in NW Ontario 1-2016 

Suicide crisis in Canada’s unforgiving North 9-2015

ASK workshop 2017 (child suicide prevention)

 Job Opportunities

Providing groceries to hard to reach communities.  The Northwest Company


“Eighth Fire” web site  

8TH Fire draws from an Anishinaabe prophecy that declares now is the time for Aboriginal peoples and the settler community to come together and build the ‘8TH Fire’ of justice and harmony. (from the 8th fire website:

The Ways That Some People Are Trying To Help 

Artists going to the communities

Hockey program in Sioux Lookout 2016 (11 min video)

 Summer Ministries in NW Ontario

Child Evangelism Fellowship    LAMP aviation ministry  Northern Youth Program (Beaver Lake) 



The NEFC conference in Winnipeg 7-10-14, 2014

The NEFC conference in Winnipeg 7-10-12, 2015


Cree Fest in Moosonee Ontario in July                         Pictures of Cree Fest 2012   Muskrat Dam Gospel Jamboree

Cree Cultural Interpretation Center  in Moosonee Ontario   How to be positively interact with another culture

Book Reports

Link to Native Ministry Book Reviews 


Photo gallery of trip 3-2013  exploratory trip to the North  June 2013

 Training for Ministry

Orlando School of Storying  The Canada Room   Language Acquisition training (Mission Training International) 

Ethnos 360: New Tribes Mission to Canada : a ministry dedicated to teaching the entire Bible among First Nations

Simeon Trust: Expositional Preaching School in Winnipeg

Diploma in Biblical Discipleship/Counselling Beaver Lake Outreach NW Ontario 

“To Every Tribe” missions agency, Los Fresnos Texas 

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