Network of Nations near NIU. Thanksgiving Celebration 11-18-16

Network of Nations near NIU. Thanksgiving Celebration 11-18-16. We had the privilege of sharing a traditional Thanksgiving meal and also the meaning of Thanksgiving with International students from NIU. KBC people helped to serve. Here are some of them. Mission is Jeanette M., who prepared a delicious Turkey gravy to serve.

thanks-giving-turkey-11-20-16 thanksgiving-brads-boys-11-20-16 thanksgiving-crowd-11-20-16 thanksgiving-food-11-20-16 thanksgiving-julie-serving-11-20-16 thanksgiving-kevin-and-steve-11-20-16 thanksgiving-shirly-and-glen-11-20-16 thanksgiving-the-crowd-11-20-16 thanksgiving-the-holliday-family-11-20-16 thkagiving-brad-and-dan-11-20-16

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