“Spend More Time In Study And Prayer” – If Billy Graham could do it over again

“Spend More Time In Study And Prayer”

 “ If Graham had the opportunity to live his life over again, he said there are things he would do differently.

“I would study more. I would pray more, travel less, take less speaking engagements. I took too many of them in too many places around the world,” he said. “If I had it to do over again, I’d spend more time in meditation and prayer and just telling the Lord how much I love Him and adore Him and [am] looking forward the time we’re going to spend together for eternity.” …….

Graham passed along some advice to young preachers.

“Spend more time in study and prayer. That’s the secret of successful evangelism,” he said. “If you neglect that, you’ve neglected the very heart of God’s call to you.’”

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