The Lord Saves! Trust The Lord And Obey Him!-Questions

The Lord Saves! Trust The Lord And Obey Him!

Judges 7:1-25 Lesson 9
Key verse 7:7a

“The LORD said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands….”

In this passage we find Gideon responding to God’s call. The laying out of the fleece strengthened and encouraged him to rally his people to stand up and drive out the 135,000 invaders. But they were still fearful and prone to depending on their own limited human strength. The Lord understood the people’s fear and helped them to overcome and go forth into battle full of faith and assurance in God’s deliverance. God wanted to plant faith in the people–not just win a victory. Fear is overcome by trusting in God. By faith, Gideon and his 300 men trusted God and won a great victory. Through and study of this passage may we overcome fear that permeates society and our hearts and determine to live by faith. May we learn to depend on God and not in our own limited human abilities. And may we learn how to give glory to God through all of the difficult situations that we experience as we serve our Lord Jesus.

Part l: The Original 300 Men Of Faith (1-8a)

1. What was the situation of the people of Isreal? How had God worked in Gideon’s heart in the previous passage? How did he respond after receiving confirmation from God? (1)

2. What was God’s concern about the army that Gideon had gathered? (2) What was the spiritual danger? Why is God concerned with what we depend on our spiritual battles?

3. What was God looking for in the fighting men? What was the characteristic of the 300 men that God had chosen? (5-6) Why is it s privilege to be chosen? Why is it important to be vigilant? What happened to the other people? What did they do during the battle?

Part 2: God Gives His People Victory Over Fear And Their Enemies (8b-25)

4. What command did God give Gideon and the people of God? (8b-9) Why was this difficult to do? How did God further encourage Gideon in two ways? Can you remember of another incidence of God working this way? (i.e. Jonathan) How had God worked in the hearts of the Midianites beforehand? (Think about Rahab)

5. What did Gideon do when he was encouraged by the signs that he saw? (15-16) What wisdom did God give him? What example did Gideon set? (18; John 10:4) How did all the men contribute to the victory? (21)

6. Look at the outcome of the battle. (19-22) Why would the Midianites be full of fear? Why would they turn on each other? What roll did God have for the others who had previously left? (23-25)

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