Videos of Eagle Lake First Nation

Videos About Eagle Lake First Nations

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A tribute to Eagle Lake. A song written by a song writer (5 min) 2013


Rules of a powwow (2 min) 2018  spoken by three kids

Powow in 2013 (4 min)

Youth Powow breakdance 2011 (11 min)

Powow 2016 (12min)

Powow 2016 ( 1 min)


A fishing trip to Eagle Lake 2015 (3 min)

Eagle lake ice fishing 2015 (4 min)

Eagle Lake lodge tour 2016 (3 min)

Healing from Historical Trauma

Truth and reconciliation commission 2012 (2.5 min)

Youth voices (1:48 min)

Descriptive video of the Eagle Lake 2011 (2.5 min) History of the town

Short film by animator from Eagle Lake (2017)

Film maker and director talks about her craft. She is from Eagle Lake (2.5 min) 2012


Eagle Lake Chiefs championship game 2016 (44 min)

Standing Up For What is Important

Waterwalk 2015 (3 min) Walking to protect water

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