Nethen Belgium, the place where my g-g-grandfather Jean Philippe Soquet came from.

Nethen Belgium, the place where my g-g-grandfather Jean Philippe  Soquet came from. My Great-great grandfather, Jean Paul Soquet and his wife Esparence, were from Nethen Brabant Belgium. They were Walloon Belgians and spoke French. They came to the USA in the 1850’s and settled in Greenbay Wisconcin. He died in Oregon with the name, John Raino. (He was convicted of poisoning his wife and escaping from a WI prison disguised as a nun. But that is another story.) These are some pictures of Nethen Belgium, where so many generations of my family lived and died. The farthest I can go back is  a relative born there in 1667. Enjoy the pics of this quaint town.  The picture of a man is not a relative. The picture was added to show some traditional clothing.

Nelson and Jenny Jesmer are my great grandparents. Jenny, or Genevieve, is Jean’s daughter and 100% Walloon Belgian.

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IH000657 flag our flag brabnt walon houses in nethen Nethen_church_D church and cemetery map of belgium area around nethen KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA another chateau chapel chateau stone wall chruch in nethen roadway castle street scape landscape


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