Nelson Adulphus Jesmer and Genevieve Soquet Jesmer

Nelson and Jenny Jesmer are my great grandparents.

Click here to return to the family history home page    A letter about Jenny’s relatives

More pics of Nelson and Jennie Jesmer  Jennie Jesmer through the ages

Nelson A. Jesmer through the ages

Link to Nelson Jesmer documents     Biographical letter by Jessie Johnson 

How the Jesmers came to Minnesota

Why did Nelson A. Jesmer and family come to Canada?

Link to Joseph A. Jesmer (Nelson’s Dad)   The Greenbush Catholic Cemetery 

History of Greenbush township and Milles Lacs County    Info from Mercierhedlund files

Pictures of old Princeton MN        History of Hogansburg and Bombay NY

The present day countryside of Hogansburg/Bombay

Newspaper articles of Nelson and Jenny

 Newspaper articles focusing in on family life   Link to Quill Lake pics   Nelson’s meat tenderizer from 1885   Old Pictures of the town of Quill Lake  Old Pictures of Wadena Sask.  Some old pics of Clair Sask.

Link to Nelson’s kids pages: Lillie,  Carl, Ida, Harvey , and Nelson’s son from the 1st marriage..Herbert  

The grave site of Nelson and Jenny Jesmer

Nelson and Jenny’s 72 Nieces and Nephews  Histories of the towns they lived in 

What do the descendants of Nelson A. Jesmer and Genevieve  look like? 

List of Jennie (Soquet) Jesmer’s siblings

The children of Joseph A. Jesmer: Nelson Adulphus Jesmer,  Sidney Joseph Jesmer,  Mary Jane (Jesmer) RobideauLouis E. Jesmer, William E. Jesmer,  Joseph lll JesmerMoses Edward Jesmer,  Eunice Rose (Jesmer) Waldhoff, Eugenia (Jesmer) KaliherAdulphus “Albert” Jesmer,  Ida Jesmer, Delia Alice Jesmer,  Louella (Jesmer) BowenHubert Francis Jesmer;  Baby 1, Baby 2

The gravesite of Nelson and Genevieve Jesmer

Info on the First Wife of Nelson Adulphus Jesmer: Belle Wood 

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