Robert Moore Nugent and Racheal (Wolfe) Nugent

Robert Moore Nugent (b. 9/30/1873 NB Canada) and Racheal (Wolfe) Nugent. 

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Robert was a floor manager for Wannamaker’s Department Store. There he met his wife, Racheal Wolfe. Racheal was a lace buyer for the store. They married each other May 27, 1905.

Wanamaker’s was the first department store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of the first department stores in the United States. At its zenith in the early 20th century, Wanamaker also had a store in New York City at Broadway and Ninth Street. Both employed extremely large staffs.

Racheal Wolfe was born 8-16-1873 in Manhattan New York. She was a lace buyer for department stores. She died in 1937.

After Racheal’s death, Robert married Clara A. Nugent. They were married for a year when he died. He died in Nova Scotia.  Debert,  Colchester County. Colchester County is located in north central Nova Scotia.

Robert was born 9-30-1873 in St John New Brunswick He died in 12-31-1938. Some of the jobs that Robert worked at were, department store worker, stream cleaning, department store manager, Canadian National Railway, salesman selling aluminum ware.

True romance blossomed in a New York neighborhood.

Robert Moore Nugent once resided in New York 312 W. 140th Street New York City. Racheal lived at 139 West 139th Street New York City. They lived two blocks away from each other and worked in the department store industry. They were married 5-27-1905 in New York City.

For those who are interested in family health history, here is the scoop.

John Kinread Nugent died of a heart attack at about the age of 60.

Edith Nugent Clark. She had rheumatic fever when she was young causing her heart to enlarge and weaken as a result. She probably had extensive atherosclerosis.

Robert Moore Junior. “Bob” died at the age of 55 of coronary thrombosis. He probably was a smoker.

Joan Nugent is the child of Lloyd George Nugent. She married John Edwin “Ted” Macnintch. Ted has a Phd.  They do a lot of genealogical research.

Lloyd George Nugent died at the age of 29. His sister, Edith stated that it was from a “double ureter”. He could have had diabetes. He had pneumonia and kidney problems. The kidney problems were related to high blood pressure.

The Children of Robert Moore Nugent and Racheal Wolfe

  1. John Kinread Nugent (B. Paterson New Jersey. Died in Montebello CA. Married Alice Larracey, 7-4-1931 in Moncton New Brunswick Canada.
  1. Ruth Racheal Nugent Married Victor Lewis 12-12-1939.
  2. Blanche (Nugent) Welsh. Married Fred Welsh
  3. Edith (Nugent) Clarke (B. 1-11-1906 in Great Neck Long Island New York. Died. 5-26-1984 I London Ontario. Married to William “Willie” Clarke.
  4. Lloyd George Nugent (died at age 29. Married to Mildred Parkin.)
  5. Robert Moore Jr. “Bob”. (Died at the age of 55.)

Robert Moore Nugent

                                                                                  Racheal (Wolfe) Nugent

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