Belle Wood Jesmer-Nelson Adulphus Jesmer’s First Wife

Belle Wood Jesmer-Nelson Adulphus Jesmer’s First Wife.

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Herbert J. Jesmer was the first child of Nelson Adulphus Jesmer. He was born to Belle Wood, the first wife of Nelson A. Jesmer. Herbert was born in 10/23/1886 in Bessemer Michigan. “J” most likely stood for Joseph, since both of his grandfathers were named Joseph. Nelson had married a woman named Belle Wood. She was the daughter of Joseph and Belle Wood, who were Canadian. She had come to Ashland WI to visit her brother and a week later she was married to Nelson. They later moved to Bessemer MI where Nelson was running a hotel. Nelson was a pioneer of the town and run a hotel called Jesmer and Long.  Later he ran the Colby House. Having a baby was very dangerous back then. It proved to be very dangerous for Belle Jesmer, because she died one week later, after giving birth to Herbert, from post-partum infection.

November 14, 1885, “Miss Belle Wood is here visiting her brother J.A.” The Ashland Press.

[Article] History Of Bessemer  (One week later she married Nelson A. Jesmer in Ashland)

 The witnesses to their marriage were John McNeil. and Mary McNeil. The Pastor was Pauluius O.S.F. who resided in Ashland. Date of registration was December 16, 1885.

(Wisconsin vital records   No. 97    00074)

Belle Wood’s parents were both born in Canada. (From the marriage certificate)

 Belle Wood died of “Birth Fever”  according to the county clerk registrar.

 Nelson E. Jesmer (i.e. Ted Jesmer) (grandson) found that in June 26, 1895, Hibbing MN census, Herbert was living with his father and his step mother.

1901; The family moved from Langdon ND to South western Manitoba near Killarney

 Nelson also stated that Herbert went with his family to Saskatchewan Canada in 1904.

 Nelson, his wife Genevieve and three (four) children, (Herbert), Ida, Carl and Harvey came to the Quill City area in the spring of 1904. They traveled by a yoke of oxen and wagon from Sheho, the end of the steel. There was no town or post office in the area. At that time it was unknown where the rail would be laid or when. The land here had just been opened for homesteading a year earlier, …Nelson discovered that S.E. of 22-34-14 W2nd was open and filed on it. The nearest land office was Humboldt

 The family spent the summer in a tent and put up some hay. The wild hay was thick and so tall it brushed the bottom of the wagon box. In August it turned cold and there was a bad wind storm. The tent blew down and a great deal of snow fell. The family spent two days lying under the canvas of the fallen tent, under the snow. They ate raw oatmeal.

They returned to Sheho for the winter. The G. Clarksons and Aspenalls and their children wintered with them.

 1905 The spring was very early and dry. When the family returned, a fire had swept the area and burned the hay, but the hay-rack left behind the year before, was intact. Everywhere in the blackened ground, white buffalo bones were to be seen.

 At 17 years old, Herbert J. Jesmer, the son of Nelson A. Jesmer and Belle (Wood) Jesmer left home with his wagon and was never seen again. It was said that he was moving cargo in the Red Lake Ontario area. He would have left almost immediately after arriving in Canada.

Birth Certificate of Herbert J. Jesmer, The First Son Of Nelson (and his first wife, Belle Wood)

State Of Michigan                                                                                                       121-5-282

Department Of Community Health

Certificate Of Live Birth


  1. Child name

Herbert J.  Jesmer

  1. Sex 3.  Race or Color    4. Stillborn, twins, etc.                 5. Date of Birth

male                                     White                                                                         October 23, 1886


  1. Location of Birth 7. County of Birth

Bessemer Township                                                                                                   Gogebic


8a. Mother’s Name (First, Middle, Last)  8b. Birthplace of mother         8c. Occupation of mother

Belle Wood Jesmer                                       Canada                                      Not given


9a. Father’s name (First, Middle, Last)    9b. Birthplace of Father           9c. Occupation of Father

Nels A. Jesmer                                             New York                                 Hotel Keeper


10a. Mother’s residence                                                                                10b. Father’s residence

Bessemer, MI                                                                                                  Bessemer, MI


11a. Date received by registrar

September 2,1887


October 26, 1998

I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct reproduction of the certificate on file in the Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, Michigan.

Certified by:  Carol V. Getts

State Registrar

Belle Wood Was Nelson’s First Wife. She died of post partum infection

State Of Michigan                                                                                                           3-16

Department Of Community Health                                                           State Office Number

Certificate Of Death                                                33

Registered Number


Decedent’s name (First, Middle Last)                        Sex                Date of Death (month/day/year)

Belle Wood Jesmer                                  Female                                 11-09-1886


Age                                                    Date of Birth (Year, Month, Day)          Birthplace

31                                                                                                                           Canada


Marital status                                   Race or Color                                      Occupation of deceased

Married                                             White                                                     Housewife


Mother’s name (First/Middle/Last)                                                               Mother’s residence

Belle Wood                                                                                                       Canada


Father’s name (First/Middle/Last)                                                                 Father’s residence

Joseph Wood                                                                                                     Canada


Cause of death

  1. Fever following child birth


Date received by registrar                                               registrar

09-02-1887                                                                        Conrad Carlson



I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct reproduction of the certificate on file in the Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, Michigan.

Certified by:  Carol V. Getts

State Registrar

(The certificate was typed into a word document by Kevin Jesmer 2007)

(Certificate typed as a word document by Kevin Jesmer 2007)


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