I Finally Got To See The Gravesite of My Great Grandparents, Nelson and Jennie Jesmer

I finally got to see the gravesite of my great grandparents, Nelson and Jennie Jesmer.

Link to Nelson and Genevieve’s main page

Link to Jesmer family history 

They moved from the USA to Manitoba in 1901 and then to Quill City RM in 1904 (Next to Wadena Saskatchewan). I have done so much research about this man and his wife. It was like a knew them, though they died in 1936 and 1937. I always missed one thing, I never ever saw where they were buried. In July 2018 I visited Wadena and I saw the foundation of their old barn and the place where he had a garage, among other things. But the most intriguing thing was seeing their final resting place. They are buried in the Wadena Cemetery. Howard Jesmer, my dad’s cousin and Gloria Jesmer his wife took me on a tour. Nelson is the common ancestor of Howard and myself.

Photos of me and Howard around the grave site.

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