Getting to know the First Nation Community of Muskrat Dam NW Ontario

Getting to know the First Nation Community of Muskrat Dam NW Ontario

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Muskrat Dam

Muskrat Dam First Nation Community Profile

PTO: Nishnawbe-Aski Nation
TC: Independent First Nations Alliance
Population: 413 (On Reserve: 201; Off Reserve: 212)

PO Box 140, Muskrat Dam, ON P0V 3B0
Phone: 807-471-2573 | Fax: 807-537-2699/2540
Website: unavailable


Muskrat Dam First Nation has a land base of 4850 acres.

The community of Muskrat Dam is a remote First Nation community accessible by air and lies within the boundaries described in the adhesion to the James Bay Treaty of 1905, Treaty 9. Located on the Severn River System 370 km north of Sioux Lookout, the community of Muskrat Dam is historically, the traditional lands of Samson Beardy. The community received reserve status in 1976.

Muskrat Dam is a close-knit community with strong ties to family and traditional ways. Since the community’s inception, it has continually struggled to maintain these traditions, including their traditional means of justice and social dynamics.

The Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree First Nation band government in Northern Ontario. They reside on the 1,939.7 hectares (4,793.1 acres) Muskrat Dam Lake reserve, located on Muskrat Dam Lake in the Kenora District. The community of Muskrat Dam, Ontario, is located on this reserve. In June 2008, their total registered population was 387 people, of which their on-reserve population was around 195. The reserve’s primary transportation link is the Muskrat Dam Airport. Muskrat Dam Lake is policed by the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, an Aboriginal-based service.


The Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation is part of the 1929-30 Adhesion to the James Bay Treaty of 1905 – Treaty 9.

The Muskrat Dam people have historical links to the people of Bearskin Lake, and several families have relocated from Bearskin Lake to Muskrat Dam Lake. These families that relocated to Muskrat Dam were that of Tommy and Victoria Beardy who were joined by Jeremiah and Juliet Duncan, Moses and Eunice Fiddler, Jake and Esther Beardy and Roderick and Effie Fiddler. Later, Fiddlers’ son Billy and Moses Fiddler’s mother Nainee also joined the little settlement.

Due to abundance of natural resources in the area, the small community started living off the land: fishing, hunting, trapping and logging. Weagamow Lake, Ontario helped them start a sawmill operation, as well as to fly-in tools, gas and grocery supplies.

Until the reserve was officially gained reserve status in 1976, Muskrat Dam was a satellite community of the Big Trout Lake.


The current electoral leadership of the council consists of Chief Stan Beardy Official Name Muskrat Dam Lake Number213

Membership Authority Section 11 Band

Election Type: Custom Electoral System

Council Quorum: unknown

First Nation Officials

Chief BEARDY STANLEY 09/15/2015 07/31/2017 Councillor BEARDY CHARLIE 09/15/2015 07/31/2017 Councillor DUNCAN OLIVIA 09/15/2015 07/31/2017 Councillor MORRIS JOHN 09/15/2015 07/31/2017 Deputy Chief FIDDLER ROY 09/15/2015 07/31/2017

Note:Election System – The type of system used by a First Nation in the selection of its chief and councillors (can be either under the Indian Act election system, the First Nations Elections Act, a custom system, or under the provisions of a self-governing agreement).

The First Nation is part of the [Independent First Nations Alliance] of the [Nishnawbe Aski Nation].[2]

On Sept, 11 2015 that Muskrat Dam Election committee held a nomination meeting, with the majority of the 14 people in attendance voting to bar candidates who had previously resigned from seeking re-election. Three days later former Ontario regional chief Stan Beardy was declared the new chief by acclamation.

Federal judge nixes Muskrat Dam election results; in a decision last month, Federal Court of Canada Justice Cecily Strickland ordered the results quashed with a new election to be held within six months of April 7.[3] [4] [5]

Reserve Recuperates Stan Beardy, who was confirmed as the reserve’s rightful chief last month by a federal court, said an internal investigation has found that the fly-in community of 300 Oji-Cree owes about $5 million.[6]

Official address

Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation

P.O. Box 140

Muskrat Dam, ON P0V 3B0

Phone: 1-807-471-2573/2574

Fax: 1-807-471-2699 – Main Fax Line

1-807-471-2540 -Finance

Notable people

Gordon Beardy—former Keewatin Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada who was the first Native diocesan bishop in Canada; also elected and served as the First Nation’s Chief in 2002.

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