John Kinread and Ann Peters. The great-grandparents of John Kinread Nugent.

John Kinread and Ann Peters.  The great-grandparents of John Kinread Nugent.

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John Kinread and Ann Peters  were married on December 23, 1838 in Richibucto New Brunswick Canada. John Kinread was born on 8-8-1810 in Whitehaven England. He died on 12-10-1806 in Moncton New Brunswick Canada.  John’s wife, Ann Peters, was born on 7-10-1817 in Folkestone England. She died 11-18-1895 in Moncton New Brunswick.

(John Kinread Nugent, (b. 10-25-1909), has a middle name that was meant to honor John Kinread, his great-grandfather. To honor an ancestor, by adopting their family name (or first name) as a middle name, is a custom of the Nugent family. )

Ann Peters was the daughter of Henry Peters and Mary Standing. They had a eleven children …

Henry Peters 1803 Folkestone – 1879 Richibucto  m. to Rowena Noble Carlotta Atkinson

John Peters            1806 Folkestone –

Mary Peters           1808 Folkestone –

Stephen Peters      1809 Folkestone –

Benedicta Peters.  1810 Folkestone – 1888 Blean  m. 1829 in Reculver to Henry Read

Sarah Ann Peters   1812 Folkestone – 1884 Canada      m. to Henry Warman

Charles Peters        1816 Elmstone –

Ann Peters              1817 Elham –          m.   to John Kinread

William Peters         1820 Elham –

Stephen Peters       1822 Elham –         m. to Martha Kinread

Rachel Peters         1825 Elmstone –  m. 1847 ?New Brunswick to Horatio Atkinson

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