Judges 2b- The Lord Raised Up Judges For The People

The Lord Raised Up Judges For The People 


Judges 2:6-23                                                                                             Lesson 3

Key Verse 2:16

Then the LORD raised up judges, who saved them out of the hands of these raiders.”

      As long as Joshua and his generation lived, the people served the Lord. But then Joshua died. They had suddenly had no national shepherd who could lead them in faith and in the word of God. The seed of the Canaanite culture and religion was planted in the life of the people. A whole generation grew up who did not know the Lord or what he had done. As a nation, they suffered. Idolatry and moral corruption grew and a pattern of punishment and oppression became a fact of life. Eventually they cried out to the Lord. When they did God raised up a judge to deliver them. For a time, they had peace, but this lasted only for the lifetime of the judge. Then, the people again begin worshiping Canaanite gods and following their evil practices once again. All this happened because ancient Israelviolated their covenant with God and did not listen. God left the Canaanites in the land to test and train his people and this worked to bring his people back to their senses. Through this passage, may we decide to give our whole hearts to the Lord and may God grant us “steady” and unwavering faith. May we recognize God’s helping us and also recognize the servants of God he has placed in our lives. Most of all may our Gospel faith be passed onto the next generation of young people.  

Part l: Failure To Pass The Faith On To The Next Generation (2:6-10)

  1. What did the Israelites do? (11-13) What did Joshua do and what did he fail to do? Why was their rejection of God unreasonable? (12)
  2. What is significant of referring to the Lord, as, “the God of our ancestors”? (12) What Why is it important to embrace an ancient/future faith? Why is it important to pass the faith onto the next generation? (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) How is it possible?
  3. What does the Bible have to day about idol worship? (Ex 20:3-6) Think about why idol worship is a tragedy to our spiritual lives?

Part ll: The Lord Continued To Help His People (16-23)

4. How did God continue to show his mercy on his people? (16)  Who are the judges and what was their role inIsrael? (Hebrews 11: 30-32) What does this teach us about God’s mercy?

5.   What happened when the appointed judge died? (19) What does this tell us about the peoples’ personal relationship with God? (17) What does this teach us about having a personal relationship with Jesus? (19)

6.  What was the Lord’s reaction? What was his decision? How did his people respond? Did it work? How is God working in your life? (Heb 12:7-11)

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